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The Basics

The Basics

10 Fat Facts

  • 1 gram of fat = 9 calories, 1 carbohydrate = 4 calories, 1 protein = 4 calories
  • basically - everything you eat is a source of calories
  • unburned calories will be stored as FAT somewhere in your body
  • 3,500 unburned calories will add 1 pound of fat to your body
  • One white chocolate macadamia nut cookie from Subway has 220 calories
  • One medium Fuji apple has 80 calories
  • One cup of a homemade milkshake has over 300 calories
  • One cup of carrots has 52 calories
  • You can burn approximately 10 calories per minute walking up and down stairs
  • 500 calories deficit each day will give you a 1 pound per week weight loss
Facts are Facts - It is really cool that God has made us calorie burning machines. Everything we do with our bodies requires calories. Calories in the body are like the wood on the fire. We cut down trees and store fire wood for our winter heating needs. The body will store unburned calories as fat so to have backup when a need arises. Unfortunately we rarely have the need arise yet we still keep storing.

Plain and Simple - Add up all your daily calories that you ate in the day and subtract the calories that you burned that day. You burn calories every time you move your body doing different activities. The difference between what you ate and what you burned will be stored as fat.

Amazingly, your body is very proficient and resourceful.

Basic Truth - We were created from the dirt and require nutrients (vitamins and minerals) from the dirt. There are essential nutrients required for good health. God created plants and seed bearing trees to pull most of the essential nutrients we need from the dirt into good tasting foods that we must ingest to continue to be in good health. Man has taken these foods and made them into a profitable business by prolonging the spoiling process by adding preservatives, and they introduced the canned and boxed. We have lost the true benefit of its originality and perfection. What we really need to be healthy is found in the original (the real deal) not the altered. Altered foods can be unproductive and void of life.

Profoundly Americans are over eating but yet are starving.



Challenge Scripture - Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength

Our strength to do the impossible will always be found in Jesus.

Challenge Motto - "I Can Do"

If Jesus said, I believe it, so I can do it! Quit saying "I Can't"

Exercise Motto - "Get on the BALL"

Buy a cheap $4 to $6 Ball from the local retail store (50" to 60" in circumference)

First Step - Setting a GOAL


Stay off the Scale!


Choose One of the Four Goals for this 960 Hour Challenge

  1. Loose Five Pounds over the next Forty Days
  2. Loose Ten Pounds over the next Forty Days
  3. Loose Fifteen Pounds over the next Forty Days
  4. The Biggest Looser over the next Forty Days

Second Step - Doing the Daily Calorie Burn

(calorie burning)

Ten Minutes of Muscle Strengthening Each day

  • Lower Body Strengthening - Ball Squats (with your ball)
  • Middle Body Strengthening - Ball Stomach Crunches (with your ball)
  • Upper Body Strengthening - Ball Push-Ups (with your ball)

Twenty Minutes of Activity Each Day

  • Beginner - walks, sweeping the floor, wrestling with your kids,
  • Intermediate - brisk walks, family basketball, low impact aerobics, raking the leaves
  • Advanced - runs, high impact aerobics, TAEBO, boxing, rope jumping, spinning bike

Third Step - Eating Substitution (calorie intake)

One Food Substitution Each Week - Totaling 6 healthy food choices

There are hidden calories you may not be aware of. Changing a life style of eating takes time. Start with one substitution.


  • Potato Chips OUT - Raw Apples IN
  • Soda Pop Drinks OUT - Flavored Waters IN
  • Mayonnaise OUT - Raw Carrots IN

Forth Step - Follow this Daily Blog

  • Each Week will give new insight under Different Themes
  • Receive Encouragement
  • Receive Eating Tips
  • Your posted messages will be read and followed up if requested


  1. Choose Your Goal - "CAN DO"
  2. Buy your Ball and get ready to tone muscles
  3. Plan Activities to move your body (burn calories)
  4. Make smart Eating Substitutions (lesson calorie intake)
  5. Follow This Blog and Reach your set GOAL with the Help of Jesus

Let rush show you the strengthening exercises

1. Upper Body Toning with Ball Push-Ups

(please use your 50 to 60 inch circumference Ball)

2. Middle Body Toning with Ball Stomach Crunches

(please use your 50 to 60 inch circumference Ball)

3. Lower Body Toning with Ball Squats

(use a ball to support your back)

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